Welcome to the credits list! Here are all the credits about Telicraft and this wiki.

Telicraft Edit

  • Telinc1 (a.k.a. telinc) - Coder, graphic designer
  • Darkman2345 - Graphic designer (Adamant, Pepper crop, Tomato crop, probably a few others)
  • The Forge Team - Minecraft Forge
  • The MCP Team - Minecraft Coder Pack

Telicraft Wiki Edit

  • Telinc1 (a.k.a. telinc) - Page design, infoboxes, etc.
  • Feed the Beast Wiki - Crafting, furnace, etc. templates (some were modified by Telinc)
  • Minecraft Wiki - A bunch of things
    • ultradude25 - Vanilla block renders.
    • All users - Grid images of blocks and items I was too lazy to do myself.
  • Blender - Awesome free 3D modeling program. Used for the block renders on this wiki.

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