Potion of Craziness
Potion of Craziness

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The Potion of Craziness is probably one of the weirdest items from Telicraft. Its tooltip says that the effect is unknown, however the text is red, signifying that it does not have a good effect. It is perfect for trolling newbies. Once you drink it, you will recive the following potion effects for 3:00:

  1. Poison LX
  2. Nausea XX
  3. Mining Fatique IV
  4. Hunger VI
  5. Blindness XVIII
  6. Slowness V
  7. Weakness LX

Recipe Edit

Ingredients Input » Output
Thick Potion + Rotten Flesh
Crafting GUI.png

Thick Potion

Rotten Flesh

Potion of Craziness

Configuration options Edit

  • enablePotionCraziness - Setting this to false will disable the potion.

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