Meteor Bomb
Meteor Bomb

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The Meteor Bomb is a block from Telicraft. It is dark-blue with meteors on it. Once it recieves a redstone signal or gets right-clicked by a Flint and Steel, it will ignite itself. After its fuse ran out, a strange explosion sound will play, accompanied with a lot of explosion and lightning bolt sounds. If the configuration option "fireyMeteorBomb" is true, the bomb will actaully replace blocks with fire. Otherwise, it replaces them with air the lightning bolt and explosion sounds won't play.

Recipe Edit

The Meteor Bomb needs to be crafted in an Advanced Crafting Table.

Ingredients Input » Output
Meteor Block + Gunpowder
AdvancedCrafting GUI.png

Meteor Block


Meteor Block


Meteor Block


Meteor Block


Meteor Block

Meteor Bomb

Configuration Edit

  • enableMeteorBomb - Is the Meteor Bomb enabled? Default: true
  • smoothBomb - If true, the Meteor Bomb will make no sound and it won't produce any eye-candy to preserver FPS. Default: false
  • fieryMeteorBomb - Does the Meteor Bomb spawn fire? Default: true
  • meteorBombFuseTime - The fuse in SECONDS, not ticks. Default: 20

Protection agains world corruption Edit

As of Telicraft Beta 4.0.0, when ignited, a Meteor Bomb will cycle through all loaded entities in the world and add all Primed Meteor Bomb entities to a list. Then, if the list's size is more than 5, it will destroy the entity and leave a message to the chat of all players on the server. As of Beta 4.0.3, the limit it 15.

Bugs Edit

  • The Meteor Bomb becomes invisible when ignited. This bug is only visual and does not affect the explosion.

Videos Edit

Telicraft Testing the new Meteor Bomb (Minecraft Mod)00:50

Telicraft Testing the new Meteor Bomb (Minecraft Mod)

Video demonstration of a Meteor Bomb blowing up.

Trivia Edit

  • It is completely impossible to survive the explosion, even with a fully charged IndustrialCraft 2 Quantum Suit.
  • The Meteor Bomb will do 2^31-1 (=2,147,483,647 = 1,073,741,823 hearts) damage to ALL the entities inside its blast radius.
  • The meteors on the bomb are actually parts of the animation of the spell Meteor from Final Fantasy IV Advance.

Gallery Edit

Telicraft Blocks

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