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Emergency Item

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The Emergency Item is one of the weirdest items in Telicraft. When you use it, it respawns you. Well, not only that. Check the Mechanics section of this page to learn all about it.

Recipe Edit

Ingredients Input » Output
Black and White Wool
Crafting GUI.png

Black Wool

White Wool

Black Wool

White Wool

Black Wool

White Wool

Black Wool

White Wool

Black Wool

Emergency Item

Configuration options Edit

  • enableEmergencyItem - Is the Emergency Item enabled? To be used on PvP servers to avoid players teleporting away. Default: true

Mechanics Edit

The Emergency Item is kind of complicated. If you are a Java prgrammer, looking at its source code on GitHub might help.

Overworld Edit

If you are in the Overworld when you use the item, the following is going to happen:

  • The item will get the WORLD's spawn point.
  • Because world spawn points are often inside of blocks, it will call the method fixSpawnPoint(), which does the following:
    • Checks if the block that the spawn point is on can see the sky.
    • If it can, it returns the new position to be used.
    • If it can't, it will check a special timer. If the timer is above 70, it will return the new position. If it is 70 or less, the method will move the Y position up one block, increase the timer and call itself.
  • When the method stops cycling, the player will get teleported to the position it found.

Nether, End, etc. Edit

In the Nether, End or any other dimension, the item will simply teleport the player to the same dimension. The game will see that the player is in that dimension already and teleport him to the overworld. For Mystcraft ages, it might return you to the age again, so be careful!

Bugs Edit

  • Using the item in the Nether will cause your position to be "corrupted" before the "Downloading terrain..." screen appears. This is because 1 block in the Nether is 8 blocks in the overworld, so the game has to teleport you to the proper position.
  • Using the Emergency Item in the End will trigger the credit sequence. This is not avoidable without modifying base classes.

Video Edit

Telicraft The Emergency Item! (Minecraft Mod)02:44

Telicraft The Emergency Item! (Minecraft Mod)


Bugs Edit

  • The item will sometimes teleport you high up in the air, or worse - in bogus locations. This has been noticed to happen when teleporting again after leaving the Nether using the item.

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